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How to Invest in Your First Property | John Gavin | Laguna Beach, CA

Buying one’s first property can be intimidating, time-consuming, and frustrating. But, with the right advice from experts, it doesn’t have to be! This post contains tips and tricks every first-time investor should know about to get their feet wet and make a significant investment decision. Here are some tips for any first-time investor:

Decide on an Investment Property

The first step in people’s decision-making should be deciding what type of property they want to invest in. This can be done by measuring their current financial situation and choosing a property to pay them back one day. For example, if they are looking to buy a small apartment building or house, doing so will give you $1,000-$1,500 monthly profit, which could eventually add up over the years.

However, if they are looking to buy a large house or rental property to live in, they need to decide if it is possible to make enough money. 

Use Great Financing

Finding investors is a challenge for most people. However, there are ways to get investors for free if people know where to look for them. One of the great ways to find investors is through local property owners who have been renting their property out for many years. Once they talk to one of these people and show them their ideal investment property, they will likely give them advice and introduce them to new investors if that is what they need.

Choosing the Right Property Type for Their Needs

The next step is choosing the type of investment property they would like to buy. The decision depends on many factors, such as the property’s size, style, location, and condition. Most mortgages, however, only offer a certain amount of house or apartment properties per state. This means borrowers may have to call around and visit many different lenders to get the best deal on their property.

Buy in a Strategic Location

This step is crucial because it will determine the owner’s income. Most real estate buyers look for properties close to schools, hospitals, shopping centers, gas stations, or other public places where people might need or want to go. This makes it simple for the owner because they will get more renters who will pay them on time every month.


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